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KitchenUnits Product DetailsDownload KitchenUnits on the App StoreKitchenUnits™
An intuitive and easy to use unit converter for the kitchen. Is your recipe in grams and milliliters and you need it in pounds and cups? What if your recipe tells you to set the oven to 177 degrees Celsius and your oven uses Fahrenheit? KitchenUnits helps you convert your recipe to the units you need. You can even save your favorite or most used conversions to find them easily next time.

KitchenUnits was featured on as one of the best free cooking apps.

Metrebug Product DetailsDownload Metrebug on the App StoreMetrebug™
An intuitive and easy to use unit converter. Convert kilograms into pounds and litres into cups. Convert miles into kilometres and metres per second into knots. Even convert miles into light years and picometres into angstroms. Do you work with other parts of the world and would like to easily calculate local units to foreign ones? Metrebug will help.