Convert all your favorite recipes to something you can easily use.

KitchenUnits Rounded IconAn intuitive and easy to use unit converter for the kitchen. Is your recipe in grams and milliliters and you need it in pounds and cups? What if your recipe tells you to set the oven to 177 degrees Celsius and your oven uses Fahrenheit? KitchenUnits helps you convert your recipe to the units you need. You can even save your favorite or most used conversions to find them easily next time.

KitchenUnits was originally released to the App Store in 2010.

We made the very hard decision to retire KitchenUnits, but want to say thank you to everyone who used and enjoyed KitchenUnits through all of these years.

KitchenUnits was featured on as one of the best free cooking apps.

No internet connection necessary

Customer Reviews

Great App

Great app!! Most of my recipes are Spanish so the measurements vary. I find conversions very easy with this app.

Convert Just About Anything

Kitchen Units is GREAT!!!!
... it can convert just about anything. This works so good that I bought Metrebug it converts anything that kitchen units can't like miles to kilometers. I Highly recommend this app and Metrebug also.

Easy And Straightforward

Very easy and straightforward. Everything I need to convert recipe measurements.

Ranked In Top 100

Ranked as one of the top 100 Utility apps in over 60 countries.

Many Units To Choose From

Converts 27 distinct units across temperature, time, volume, and weight categories

Quick List

Provides lists of common conversions for each unit category

Save Your Favorites

Saves and displays user-selected conversion favorites for each unit category

How to use it

Put the number you want to convert into the entry space at the top. Spin the dial on the left to select the unit you are converting from. Example: millilitre. Then spin the dial on the right to select the unit you are converting to. Example: cups. The conversion will show up at the top of the screen (next to your entry number).

You can then click the folder icon in the top right corner to save your conversion to your Favorites folder.