Unit Conversion Apps

Intuitive and easy to use unit converters


An extensive app that covers not only every day conversions but also units such as light years, picometres, angstroms, and nautical miles.


A free unit converter designed with cooking in mind because so many great recipes need to be converted into units we understand.

KitchenUnits was featured on Cookstr.com as one of the best free cooking apps.

ExtremeBytes Software™ was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Along with developing Metrebug and KitchenUnits, we developed other apps, helped others develop their app ideas, and supported people’s software needs through contracts. We recently decided to retire Metrebug and KitchenUnits to focus on our software and electronics educational site called Woolsey Workshop™. Future ExtremeBytes Software applications will likely come from this new venture.

Extremebytes Software™ and Woolsey Workshop™ are both divisions of Hamilton & Weston Holdings, LLC™.

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