ExtremeBytes Software was formed in June of 2010 as a division of Hamilton & Weston Holdings on the principle of delivering the highest quality software products and services in the most professional manner. We develop our own applications along with providing application development, consulting, and training services to companies and individuals.

John Woolsey (President & Lead Developer)

John WoolseyJohn has always been the curious type ever since childhood where he would take things apart to see what made them work and then build new things with the parts. He eventually became engrossed in electronics and robotics which led him to complete an Electrical Engineering Degree from The University Of Texas at Austin. He spent the first 20 years of his professional life in the semiconductor industry where he developed new design methodologies and led process improvement activities in a variety of roles, usually involving programming across a wide range of languages. In 2010, John struck out on his own and founded a new company providing mobile applications and contract services. Because he enjoys seeing the moment when someone understands a concept for the first time, he looks for opportunities to share his knowledge with others and tries to keep this an integral part of his personal and professional life.